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Hey there good looking...

First off -Thank you so much for being here! It's people like YOU that allow me to be able to create magic every day and I am forever grateful!

My name is Rachel, but you can call me Rach! I am a quirky bundle of energy that is overly enthusiastic about anything romance, photography/videography & old school jazz. I find so much joy in capturing feelings, not moments, capturing chaos vs. perfection & creating ART from authentic interactions!
Photography & videography have been my main artistic endeavour- film being my favourite & main medium!
I am still pinching myself (5 years on..) that this wild coastline & country (now available worldwide!) is my office, and that beautiful people- like YOU- are my clients.

Your support means the world & your connection is absolutely everything xx

" If you think the photos don't matter, wait till they are all you have left. "

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